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About Restaurant

Salvador Dali, an art genius and well-known gourmet of mediterranean cuisine, became famous with the statement that „You can not eat at all, but you can not eat badly.” As the creators and hosts of the Oliva restaurant, we support this credo, we would add to it even a few words about the South European atmosphere of a thrilling feast, a very important element of excellent cuisine!
For us Oliva is just tasty and always fresh food, mediterranean flavors, balanced and healthy lifestyle and the joy of feasting. We strive to make our kitchen reflect the climate, flavors and fragrances remembered from a trip to the countries of Southern Europe – a region dignified with golden oil and fine wine, where food and drink means life … It’s scary to think what would happen if Spaniards or Italians wouldn’t have oil and wine :)
We hope that in our restaurant you will find echoes of your trips to the mediterranean countries, including the flavors of olive oil and flowing wine. We invite you to share your insights and suggestions with us, including our dishes, climate and Olivia decor. This restaurant is a special place for us and every opinion is valuable to us, as well as good olive oil and excellent wine that we serve.
We invite you to come back to Olivia every day. We will be waiting for you!

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